Zaha and Me love: Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist

Hello everybody! How I missed writing and making tambay in my blog. You know what I will say naman e, I have been busy. Yes, with lots of things. 🙂 But today, due to insistent public demand (naks!) I will be sharing with you my thoughts about my uber and latest favorite: Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist.

I have always had my hair straightened back in the days (baaaack in the days talaga? Hahaha!). I tried everything from the old school hair straightening to milk rebonding to keratin treatments. But my hair, having the natural curls always go back to its original state. I got tired of having it straightened because I felt that my hair is being kawawa already. Parang super bruised and abused lalo I am a bit lazy to go to salon for monthly treatment. So I told myself, I should love my hair as it is and just embrace the natural curls tutal it’s the in thing naman nowadays, don’t you think? 🙂

That’s when I got very keen on reading about how to achieve that beach ready hair. Read many things about it and got myself some products that, well, worked pero did not achieve the look that I want. Untiiiiil… I learned about this Sea Spray Hair Mist from Lush.

I first saw it in MOA one day I went there. It was the only piece left but I wanted to try it first sana but they don’t have tester. Nagisip ako. Hmmm.. It’s not cheap at Php795. I told myself, I have to try it first or at least read some more reviews pa. Then I let it pass muna. Went home and read more about it and I was convinced by the good reviews I learned. Went to Trinoma to get one pero, grabe destiny’s playing on me. Out of stock! Aray! So I asked when they will have it again, they don’t know. Kamote! Two weeks after, I went back and… Bingo!

Here it is!

After buying it, opened it right away and tried it. I. Fell. In. Love!!! It smells like the fresh sea breeze and it’s sooo divine. My husband and I even went bar hopping and surprisingly, my hair didn’t smell cigarette smoke. So I told myself, I have to road-test it more. Where else? But in the beach!

I have my hair braided overnight and when I woke up, spritz on some mist, scrunched them a bit and here’s how my hair looked like:

It would be nicer siguro if my hair is longer.

Hanep sa emote e. Candid yan! Hehe! 🙂

I lurve it!!!!

So the story doesn’t end there. As much as I wanted to make rampa with my hair like that, talo talo muna syempre, we are in the beach no?! Kaya let’s just enjoy the sea and the sun.

With my baby 🙂

So sige na nga, rumampa ako a bit. Thanks to my super supportive hubby na super game to take my pics. Hehe!

Had fun in the beach for like 4 hours? Yes, ganung level. Ayaw namin umahon. We just had to ate lunch kaya napaahon ko yung dalawa. Hehe! And guess what? My hair still looked good, well at least for me – despite the salty water and sand that got in my hair, parang ang beach-ready pa rin nya. Have a look:

Di ba? Kasi good thing this hair mist has a light hair gel to hold your hair style, give volume, boost and add that oomph to your curls. I also love how it tames my buhaghag and unruly hair and achieve that been-at-the-beach-all-day-look.

Okay, this is what I usually do. After taking a shower, dry your hair a bit. Braid your damp hair and let it stay for a couple of hours. After this, spray this on your hair, scrunch all sides, style your hair and that’s it! Enjoy your curly curly hair. Perfect this summer!

Please note that my hair has natural curls already and this post is not paid.

So did I say that I love it? Hehehe!

What do you guys think?

Xoxo, Annie




Sweets for my Sweet: Lia ‘s Dessert Buffet

I feel so productive today. I cooked lunch, made some Valentines project with Lia, and I managed to fix my closet and segregate old clothes to give away. Richard and I kasi share the same closet here in Pinas (ang sweet no? *laughs*) kasi all of our stuff naman are mostly in Shanghai so I decided to do a little spring cleaning before I get too busy for the week at maging spacious ulit our cabinet. It looks fresh and clean now. I am so happy. 🙂 And para itodo na ang pagiging productive, i-blog na rin ang first ever dessert buffet that I made for Lia’s 3rd birthday.

I have always been a fan of this dessert buffet thing kasi basically I love sweets. Well, dati yun pero I noticed lately parang nabawasan na my love for desserts. Dati kasi I can eat a whole slice of cake. Ngayon parang 1/4 or half na lang. I know, I know… Signs of ageing noh?! Hehe! Tsaka di ba it’s fun to have this kind of buffet lalo pag maraming kids?

Okay, so months before Lia’s birthday, naisip ko to make my own. Try lang, kahit hindi bongga. I tried planning this thing. Checked out Pinterest… Hmmm… Ang elaborate ng mga designs. Ayoko naman to spend a lot for this kasi parang added attraction lang naman to for her birthday. Kaya the first thing I did was I made halungkat my mom’s kitchen to look for canisters and jars to use, so I won’t buy na. And it was a success! Found treasures on our own kitchen. Then I told myself, push na. Let’s do this!

And tadaaaaah! Presenting, Lia’s dessert buffet made with love.

The Birthday Girl 🙂

The table I used was my old study table and I just asked my mom to do simple skirting. Success din. I know how to do this back in college pero I totally forgot about it na kaya ang saya ko when I knew that Mama still knows pa pala how to do this. Mom kasi was THE teacher but eventually she got promoted. She’s not teaching anymore pero buti she knows pa din. Cool, right? Going back, the dessert buffet was really simple. Check out what I put in it:


Love the colors!

Basically, it was just mixture of candies and chocolates and some biscuits and jellies that I bought from the local grocery. What I envisioned kasi is to have different textures and flavors. Kaya there were gummy bears, chocolates, yoghurt sticks, mallows and wafers – combination of sweet, tangy and crunchy stuff. Para may different depth yung taste. Jars and ceramic bowls from my Mom’s cabinet. Small, colorful bowls are from Ikea from way way back pa. The food tower was from Lia’s Ninang Meg that we borrowed lang. The popcorn holders, well from the ever trusty National Bookstore. Letters I got from Invitation House in Megamall. Individually priced at Php120 pero when we were there, sale so I got each na lang at Php94. Not bad! 🙂 Cake from Red Ribbon, gift din from Lia’s Ninang Achi and Ninong Tim. Thank you!!! 🙂


The popcorn mix was inspired by Stacy’s. They serve something like this whenever their guests wait for their orders. Well, haven’t tried Stacy’s though. I saw it lang on Instagram. Hehe! Popcorn was from Chef Tony’s, that was White Chocolate Parmesan. 🙂

Pretzels, Popcorn and Mallows

The highlight of the buffet was these yummy cuppies from Babob’s Cakes and Cupcakes. These homemade goodies were baked fresh from the oven of my former boss’ son. Fell in love with these last time I ordered just in time for the Chinese New Year. The ones on top rack are Red Velvet Cupcakes and the ones at the bottom are Choco Yema. They are really moist, have the right amount of sweetness and super yummy! As in! Everybody was raving about the Choco Yema cuppies, naghahanap pa nga sila but I saved some for myself kasi di ba when you hold a party, hindi ka nakakakain well so ayun, sa sobrang sarap, ipagdadamot mo talaga *laughs*. And additional tip: Kevin, the guy who bakes these is cute so yung mga walang ka-date dyan, go order na kay Kevin. Magaling na magluto, cute pa. Hahaha!

Yummy cuppies from Babob’s Cakes and Cupcakes

Lia and friends enjoying sweets 🙂 Minsan minsan lang naman e.

Ang saya pala to put them all together. Sayang, school day kaya konti lang the kids who came. Nonetheless, the kids enjoyed and syempre the adults, too. Ang hy-hyper when the night ended. Haha! So there… Second part of my blog post about Lia’s birthday.

Have a sweet night!





Lia turns Terrific Three

Hooray! Yes, I am still alive and very much kickin’. You know what’s making me MIA lately? All these “adult things” – settling our past monthly dues, Realty Tax payment, student permit application, bank transactions, and some small business negotiation. Wow, I feel so old and matured. Hehe! Alam mo yung feeling na ang dami mong drafts sa phone mo sa dami ng thoughts mo? Pero I don’t have that much time to just sit down and blog. Plus parang if you are tired from all these thinking and working things out, nakakatamad talagang magsulat. Hehe! But… something came up yesterday na I got super tuwa (as in super hyper ventilate levels) kaya I instantly got my blogging mojo back. Pero sorry ha, I can’t tell that to you. I have to keep it to myself and of course some friends who know it, too. Hihihi!

Anyway, ayun lang naman. Napakwento ng slight but actually I will tell you about Lia’s 3rd birthday that was held in our humble home. My husband and I were not really fond of big parties. Our closest friends knew na we want lang talaga intimate gatherings. Small enough na parang lahat ng bisita makakausap mo, makakakwentuhan. Di ba that’s way way better than parang bonggang party tapos you aren’t sure na who went to your party kasi it’s super big? And of course, practicality-wise, we want to get the most value out of our money di ba? Insert hashtag wais na misis here. Hehe!

I actually planned the party 1 week before. Cramming galore. Hehe! But I was happy I managed to do a little bit of DIY for my little girl. Pero simple stuff lang naman. I just want kasi na parang may personal touch yung party and hey who wants to buy everything for a party di ba? If we can do it, why buy it? 🙂 So merely, I just made all the decorations and I was happy how it turned out. Super fun! So lemme show them to you…

This one, I tried lang magpaka Martha Stewart. I really really like paper pompoms and I have been stalking many birthday parties in Pinterest and loving these paper pompoms because it’s really dainty and girly, parang ako. Charot! Hehe! Instructions are actually from YouTube. Ang dami dun. And the materials are very basic. Some tissue paper that you can get at National Bookstore, thin wire (I don’t know how it’s called) pero you use it to bind the tissue paper together and ribbons to hang them. That’s it then it will look like this:

Paper Pompoms, made with love 🙂

I forgot to take a picture pero I hanged them near the kitchen where Lia’s friends will get their food. Next is Lia’s birthday banner. Super easy lang, made from colored Origami papers. 🙂 The Polaroid pictures are from the day itself. I put them near the banner so the guests will see it na. 🙂

Lia’s birthday banner

Next, the loot bags. I just stamped the names of Lia’s friends in each bag that I got from Regina’s in Greenhills. Kasi di ba don’t you feel special whenever you go to a party tapos may personalized something for you? I love those stuff every time.


Balloons, I got from Celebrations Party Central in Megamall. We inflated them at home and they are much more cheaper and prettier than the usual ones na na-o-order outside. I put them in the ceiling, maiba lang. Hehe!

Pretty polka dots balloons

The utensils we used are disposable (sorry Mother Earth!). These I got also from Regina’s. The wooden spoon and forks are my favorites because I find it cute and unique. I put washi tapes on the handles para lang it will look more attractive. I forgot to take a closer picture but you can see that here. Spoons and forks are from Unimart in Greenhills but I also spotted some in SM Hypermarket, just in case you find them cute, too. 🙂


Love the colors in here 🙂 Thank you, Khai for the pic.

Lastly, the birthday buntings or “bandiritas” as what we call here in the Philippines. I put some in the dessert buffet kaso it’s kinda “fail” kasi I used colored paper na isang side lang yung colored so kapag nililipad, parang di napansin. Check it out here:

Lia with her pretty Ninang Achi. 🙂

Then the other one I put in the kitchen para lang may accent. Can you see it? Fiesta lang ang peg. Hehe! Made that from old stock of Origami papers. 🙂

Thanks for coming guys! 🙂

So there goes all the small DIYs that I made. I did not prepare any program for the party. Purely play and bonding lang talaga. I wasn’t able to cook as well para medyo relaxed na lang for us. Medyo hassle kasi to cook pag may party di ba? Pero I kinda felt bad kasi parang mas special kung ako nagprepare ng food. Siguro next year na lang. 🙂 The food, we ordered lang from Shakeys and Greenwich. Check out some photos pa from the party:

Pizza, Pasta and More

Lia 🙂

That’s Lia and friends

My high school friends and kids. Grabe, 2 generations na!


Thanks for coming guys!

Kids with my mom

That’s me and my baby 🙂

We sang 2x for Lia because I know how she loved this thing:

“Is it my birthday yet?”

Happy Birthday, Love!

One more time. This time with party poppers! 🙂


And what to do with all the confetti?! You swim on them… LOL

Oh to be young and free!

So the kids just played…

Fun with PlayDoh

My super “game” brother. Pinaglaruan ng kids! Hehe

While us, what do you think? Of course, we take lots of groupies! 😀


My high school buddies!

Whew! What a long blog post! Overall, it was tiring but really fun. Was thinking of doing it again for her future birthdays… Let’s see! I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of Lia’s birthday. Yup, it’s a 2-part blog post for her. Part 2 is all about the first ever dessert buffet that I made just for her. So watch out for it. 🙂

Again, Happy Birthday Anak! Sayang, Daddy’s not here but don’t worry, we’ll celebrate again soon… in the beach! Yay! So that’s it for now. See you next blog post!


Taking It Slow

It’s weird how I was not able to do a lot of things now that I have more time to spare. I am considering the fact that my mind, body (and soul?! *laughs*) are still on holidays. Yeah, super extended na my vacation. Kasi naman, with all the nice stories to read and lots of catching up to do with family and friends, who would want to start working again di ba?

I would wake up each morning telling myself, “I need to do something today!” Lia’s birthday will be two weeks from now. I need to prepare something for the little girl – order her cake, buy materials for some simple DIYs, think of the menu and invite her friends. I also need to prepare for an upcoming family vacation – book a hotel, jot down some nice places to go and what to eat,  and maybe find a nice bikini swim wear for me and Lia. Apart from these, I still have many “tiny” tasks to do. It overwhelms me thinking all those things! I don’t even know where to start!

I went out today with my high school best friend, Ate Meg. It’s a funny story why we called her Ate. Parang it’s a big deal kasi dati for us when somebody is older than you kahit 1 year lang. Tapos she’s tall pa like a model kaya we started calling her Ate back in grade school till now. Anyway, she’s a Doctor but she stopped attending to her ER duties when she got pregnant with her first baby, my future inaanak that I am sooo excited to see na. I could barely see her or even talk to her before because of her heavy schedules. You know in the hospital syempre it’s one hell of a busy place so when you text her, makakasagot na yan the next day or pag free na siya. I am not complaining though. I am proud of what she has become. To say that I am happy to see and be with her today is such an understatement. I can’t believe that she now has the time to just lounge with me, talking about senseless and senseful things and just share some really good laugh together.

On regular days, I just spend my hours playing with Lia. We read, we laugh, we talk, tell stories, we cuddle to cover up for the lost times I have been cooking, cleaning the house, doing so many things, drowning myself on the house chores and neglecting setting her aside. It’s awful that I somehow fail to see her “minor” milestones because of the fast-paced life that we live in.

I was in tears looking at how my little girl can now trace broken lines to write letters of her name without me guiding her. I was so thankful I have the chance to witness this wonderful thing. At this point, Lia can do small things that really make me happy and sad all at the same time. She can fold a small towel, peel a hard boiled egg, do a lot of reasoning and just simply make us all laugh. While all the tasks are starting to pile up, it brightens up my day seeing all these special things around me. And it tells me that doing less isn’t really that bad.

I am so proud of you, kid!

You know, it feels so refreshing to just take things slow, be easy on ourselves and focus on what really matters. Taking it slow, each day at a time, gives us much time to find bliss. It gives us more time to rekindle an old friendship, to watch your kid grow, to look at the clouds, hear the ticking clock, to hug and be hugged back and just sip a nice warm tea on a chilly night.

From Eric Carle’s “Slowly, slowly, slowly.” Said the Sloth book

Moreover, while YOLO-ing is sometimes good, life has to go on, continue living and make things happen. I know I have to get up and get back on track. Holidays are officially over and really, some good things never last. 🙂




Loving Holidays

I got sick yesterday. My tummy’s been so queasy and I threw up twice. No, no… I am not pregnant. Haha! Masyado naman akong defensive. Actually I don’t know if I just ate too much the past days tapos biglang I stopped eating na ulit kaya nagkaganon. You know, my husband and I prepared for the holidays before we come home. As in nagdiet to the max kami so we can pig out in here. Kasi Papa cooks everything so well. As in di ka makakahindi sa kanin *laughs*. Nabigla yata ako. And also, my husband left na yesterday, na separation anxiety yata ako. Hehe! Actually, dapat used to na ako sa paglipad niya back to Shanghai kasi we have been doing this for 9 years already. But yesterday was exceptional. Nalungkot ako ng slight when he waved good-bye. Siguro kasi we spent so many happy days ngayong Christmas and New Year talaga kasi. One of the happiest Holidays of my life talaga because I get to spend it with my loved-ones.

Let me share with you snippets from our holidays. As I mentioned before, our celebration was not fancy. As in traditional pinoy celebration na get-together lang talaga and kwentuhan. I enjoyed so much. I really enjoyed it to the point I forgot to take pictures of our “handa”! Eh super favorite ko pa naman to take photos of food. Oh well! Ganung levels talaga. Here are some photos to enjoy! I have been looking at these over and over again, I should have them printed. 🙂

Us with my in-laws minus my bro-in-law who is now in Dubai 🙂

The life of the party! 🙂

My baby opening her gifts! 🙂

That’s Papa and Patrick, my brother.

The biggest reunion we’ve had was from my hubby’s side. 🙂

She looks like me talaga!

My high school friends!

Obligatory family pic 🙂


My Mom and Dad


That’s my super good friend, Jane and my inaanak, Jasmine.

Lia can’t get enough of the fireworks!

Oh, memories! We actually went home for these. We want Lia to experience the warmth of having her family around. And we want her to know that more than the gifts, family always comes first. I think that’s the best Christmas gift we can ever give her.

By the way, I am much more better now. My tummy’s still acting up a bit but looking at these… ahhhh! It really makes me smile – and well! 🙂

With much love,



Happy 2015!

Finally had a pocket of time to blog while Lia takes a nap. Good thing she slept so she’ll have energy later. Boy, I was really so busy – well the good kind! Reunions with family and friends occupied the times I have been missing in action. There’s really nothing like celebrating holidays in the Philippines. All the chaos, traffic… Well, they are all part of the big picture. Surprisingly, we did not mind, really! All we think of is to meet up family and friends whom we truly missed! Sulit na sulit ang paguwi namin because last year we celebrated Christmas and New Year in Shanghai and nothing compares talaga the fun and warmth of the celebration back home.

This year has been so wonderful for me and our little family. We had our fair share of good travels, we were all healthy, we managed our finances well with no debts, and we were together all year round. And with these, I can not really ask for anything more. I am now in my happiest. My husband’s teasing me nga na we are getting really old because we don’t really aspire for any expensive material things. We don’t really want anything –  well, except for a nice Europe tour. Haha! We just want to save more, be healthy and enjoy the simplest things in life. I guess that’s what truly makes a person happy – when you are satisfied with what you have and be very much contented with that. 🙂

As the year ends, I know that we will be facing new challenges and experience new things. And with all that we have been through for the past years, I am confident that we will be able to surpass everything – hand in hand. So, game face on!

I have no grand year-end blog post because di ba? Who has the time? What’s important is that, we are all warm and happy celebrating with our loved ones and cherish these memories in our hearts. I’ll keep this short and sweet so we can all go back to cooking and last minute preps. Here’s to wishing everyone a splendid and magnificent 2015, from our cute  little family to yours… Happy 2015!!!

With much love,



Perfectly Fried Rosemary Chicken

OMG! I am super duper over tired. I did so many things today. You know, we will have a vacation soon so our house should be in order when we leave. My husband will come back here after 2 weeks and I want him to be relaxed with a clean and orderly home. Kasi di ba if you have a kid talaga at home, parang laging super gulo. I sometimes let the house be dirty because really, we need time to breath naman di ba? Kaya now super double time pag ligpit at pag empake. Hehe! Anyway, eventhough I am super busy with all these things, I always make sure to prepare good meals for my two loves. I love giving them that “wow” feeling when they see the table. Today, I cooked a very simple looking dish but goodness, matrabaho siya. It was easy to cook pero matagal lang ang preparation especially I have to squeeze in other things pa. So there… Napakwento na naman ako. Let’s get cooking!

Here are the ingredients:

  • A couple of pieces of Drumsticks. Any part of chicken will do but since mas appetizing for kids and kids-at-heart ang drumstick, I used that.
  • Dried Rosemary, about a tablespoonful
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cooking Oil


For the breading:

  • Seasoned flour (it means lang that you season your flour with salt and pepper)
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • Bread crumbs with a dash of dried parsley



* Rub your drumsticks with dried rosemary with salt and pepper. Let it sit for an hour or so. But mine, since Lia’s been saying that she wants fried chicken na, I just marinate mine for 30 minutes.

* Boil your chicken in a pot for 15- 20 minutes. You will notice the rosemary will somewhat float into the water. It’s okay. It will still make your chicken flavorful.

* Remove the chicken in the pot. Op op, don’t throw out the stock. You can use it for a yummy chicken soup later.

* Let the chicken rest until they are no longer hot. Since it’s winter here in Shanghai, mine got cold agad. Pag malamig na then they are ready for the next step.

* Dredge chicken in flour, dip in beaten egg then cover with bread crumbs. Deep fry until golden brown. Just a tip: fry them on medium heat as the bread crumbs really burn easily. Well actually, hindi deep fried yung ginawa ko so I have to turn them from time to time.

* Serve with steamed veggies or mashed potato on the side and enjoy!



Crispy and Juicy!

This is a great recipe for school baon or birthdays! Lia super loved this and ate 2 drumsticks in one seating. Hehe! I know, I know… Matakaw sya talaga. But she finished her veggies din so I was super happy kahit I was tired. Try this next time and let me know how it worked for you.

Naka-clenched fist pa. Hahaha!!!

Happy cooking!

Xoxo, Annie

Christmas Tree Popsies

Hello!!! How are your Christmas preps going? I am a bit busy these days but good thing I was able to squeeze in an easy Christmas craft with Lia while I am waiting for our Bulalo to boil. Hehe! She has been bugging me to do projects for the past few days but because I really am doing a lot, she had been just playing all by herself. We haven’t found her ultimate BFF here because she barely speaks Mandarin YET! That’s what we want her to learn next para naman the other local kids can relate to her. Very few kasi kids who can speak English din. So, ayun… Must find a good Mandarin teacher for Lia. But before that, let’s get back to crafting.

Here’s what you need:

These are basically just popsicle sticks and some basic craft materials. You can use whatever you like. 🙂 First thing you need to do is make triangle shapes out of the sticks. This may take time to dry so you can make this in advance. Break a small piece of stick and attach it to the triangle so it will look like a Christmas Tree like these: 🙂

Lia is more of a visual kid and I think she doesn’t like much Mathematics. Sigh! So while we do some sticking, she made this:

“Look Mama, I made a letter A”

Lia enjoyed this activity a lot while eating oranges haha! Ang takaw e. And yes, she was wearing her Princess Anna cape. She just can’t get enough of that gown, suot everyday so ang dumi na kaya nagtyaga na lang sa cape. Haha!



That’s orange in her mouth. Hehe!

So after we stick the sticks together, we decorated them.

And… Here are our finish products:

We replaced our paper garlands in the photo wall with these and Lia was really really happy with the result!

What do you think? You can also hang these on your Christmas tree or anywhere in the house. That’s it! I think our Bulalo is ready, time to put the veggies now. Till next time!

Xoxo, Annie


One Sweet Day

Great news, great news!!! I was so happy. I cannot think of any words to say. Few weeks ago, my super good friend turned kumare, Jane told me I can join this special group for Mommy Bloggers. I immediately checked their website and read how to join. It says there your blog needs to be at least a month old to join. Oh goody! My blog was just 2 weeks old. Since then, I couldn’t wait for my baby to be part of this group. Yesterday, I sent an intent to join. And this morning, I got a reply that I was accepted in the group. Wuhoo!!! I am now a member of Mommy Bloggers Philippines!


Writing is one of my passions. I was then the Managing Editor of our school publication back in high school. But I stopped writing when I went to UST to study HRM. And for sometime, I totally forgot about it especially when I landed a job as a Barista and later on, a banker – when my life was occupied with many busy things around me. But as they say, first love never dies. I finally got back into writing now that I am a mom to a little girl… Now that I found my inner peace and somehow, my real purpose in life. My blog is my outlet whenever I felt I needed time to relax and just express my thoughts. It is my way to connect to friends and other moms who in some ways can be of great help to one another through our experiences and daily shenanigans. It is my way to share my life to the world and bounce back some ray of sunlight to the universe.

My inspiration

My loves

I couldn’t contain my happiness to be part of Mommy Bloggers Philippines because of the many friends I will soon meet and many happy memories to build once more through this blog. Check out the new badge on my blog. I am sooo kilig!


I am so thrilled and ecstatic to share with you this wonderful thing, my blog’s first ever milestone. Thank you to my friends and everybody who read my humble blog. I hope in the days to come, I will be able to share more sunshine beams to you – for a more “Automatically Sunshine” life.

With much love and appreciation, Annie


Thrift Christmas Gift Ideas

What better way to spend a happy Christmas? Don’t overspend and don’t get broke hehe! One of the easiest places to go for Christmas shopping that won’t leave a hole in your wallet is my favorite Daiso Japan Home. They have almost everything and the best part is, they are not expensive so you can buy gifts for everybody. I had my Daiso trip last week and as usual, I had a blast! Prices here in Shanghai are all 10RMB, that’s approximately Php70. Not bad, right?

So let’s start shopping, I mean window shopping. Hehe! Made some categories for different kinds of friends or family members so it will be easier for us to pinpoint which is for whom because I know, it’s only a couple of weeks before Christmas so sabay sabay na tayong mag cramming! Hahaha!

For somebody who loves to cook and stays in the kitchen for hours:

Colorful aprons

Cute mugs

These cute canisters are perfect for their herbs and spices collection

Beautify your pantry with these cute jars. Perfect for coffee and creamers

Kitchen Aids. Peelers, cutters and graters!

Fashown pot holders

Kitchen towels

For the craft junkies:

How can we forget about washi tapes?

Origami papers

Craft punchers

Embossers, staplers and punchers

For your kikay officemate:

Cute calculators

Monogrammed pouches

More pouches!

Smaall bags for lunch boxes

For a someone who loves write:

Notepads and ticklers

Floral journals

Smaller journals for travels and quick thoughts

For kids and kids at heart:

Drawing pads


These pretty stickers are Japan made!

For your narcissist friend:


For your OC friend who loves organized things:

Cable Holders

Suede covered hangers. So cute, right?

Cabinet organizers

For a momma like me who loves making cool lunches:

Cute lunch boxes

Popsicle makers

Lunch box liners and sauce containers

More bento making stuff

Funky chopsticks

For friends who loves spa and massages:


More massagers!

Whew! Shopping is fun and tiring at the same time. Just a simple tip: make a list ahead of time before heading to shop. In this way, you’ll be able to get just what you needed and you avoid forgetting something for somebody. Lalo na in Manila, I heard that traffic is really bad. Heck! So what are you guys waiting? Time to shop!

PS: I got really tired looking for bargains so this what I had for dinner:

Crispy chicken rice and mango slush!

Have fun shopping and Advanced Merry Christmas!

Xoxo, Annie