Hello World, It’s Me!

After hours and hours of setting up, studying WordPress, choosing a template and thinking of a blog title, I finally made it! I actually thought of writing a blog years back but I was too lazy to do all “the works”. So the idea of blogging slowly flew away. But my love for writing, seeing beautiful and interesting things and sharing it to friends just keep on being afloat. I cannot just let go of such wonderful thing.

It is my husband who wants me to write a blog. Being the ever supportive half, he knew I wanted to share my life, stories and insights to everybody. So this blog will be all about the world, being our playground.

I find blogs very helpful, you learn a lot from it. I learned a lot from it. Whenever I have questions or something that I need to know, one click on the search engine and voila! Answers are ready. So I thought it is time to give back, to share what I know… What I see… What I think. Who knows, it might be of great help to someone, somewhere, sometime.

So dear friends, let me share with you my life as a mom, a wife, and a dreamer – one blog entry, one day at a time!

Xoxo, Annie

Fun Fact: I wrote my second entry before this. It was a lot easier.  So technically, this isn’t my first. Hehe! And yeah, I already have my second story. Watch out for it!

PS: Let’s make this blog as fun as possible. I want also want to hear what you think. Feel free to ask anything, let’s exchange stories!


20 thoughts on “Hello World, It’s Me!

  1. Im so happy for you! I know your readers will surely enjoy and learn from this. Ill be looking forward to every bits and pieces of your thoughts. Continue sharing the love for life. One blog at a time… ( ill be contended in being your #2 fan because i know bigs is your #1). Cheers!!!


    • Ate Meg! Ano ba yan, nakakaiyak naman. Hahaha! Kasama ka naman sa journey na to and expect that you will see your pictures here most of the time. hehehe! Thanks for being my online adviser. Nanalo pa din yung gusto mong design. hehe! Love you!


  2. eto na talaga yung #helloworld! hahaha!! excited na ko basahin yung mga susunod pa… hihihi! mababawasan na yung time mo sken.. huhuhu


  3. Congrats Annie! I like the theme you chose from WordPress. Very happy and light ang aura =)

    Excited nako to read your entries! I’m sure you will enjoy blogging like I do, especially since you love sharing good vibes! Soon you will find yourself attending workshops and styling your photos hehe, and believe, masaya yan!!


  4. Wow!!! So proud of you mam annie. May mga bago na naman ako mababasa bukod sa panonood ng mga videos ni Lia. Godbless. Write a blog about your experiences on breastfeeding para mas marami pa ko matutunan.


  5. congrats annie! I really like reading blogs most especially if they are really beneficial to me as a mom.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. Im definitely waiting for the next.. 😊


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