The Benefits of Giving Simple Chores to Kids

Hello Friends! How are you? Grabe I missed blogging, it’s true pala what they say. This can be very addicting especially when you’re madaldal like me. Hehe! I have been busy at home. Yes, even stay-at-home moms can be very busy. Weekends, we are almost out. You know, family day! We had hotpot last sunday. It’s one of my favorites here because Lia enjoys “cooking”. She helps putting meats and veggies in our pot. Parang “lutu-lutuan” of some sort. Hihihi!

Taken from our side of the table. So when you’re with a toddler, your table is always messy. Hehe!

Simple feast of meats and veggies. 🙂

We had pig stomach! Yes, I love to eat exotic foods. But my husband doesn’t. Hehe!

That black thing over there is fresh pig stomach 🙂 Hello Ate Meg! Hahaha

So going back, while we are out during weekends, chores pile up at home. That’s why Manic Mondays are quite true to me. But as they say, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade! I use this as an opportunity to teach Lia some simple chores that fit her age. It’s part of our homeschooling.

We grew up with helpers at home. But our parents wanted us to know how to do chores. Growing up, we were taught how to wash the dishes, make our rooms clean, fix our own things, sweep the floor, fold the clothes and prepare the table. And now that I became a parent, I also want to teach these things to Lia.

I believe in the importance of chores in developing Lia’s character. I decided to start her young because I want her to slowly understand the values that I want to impart. I don’t want her to think that chores are difficult or it’s a punishment and I don’t want her to develop the thought of resentment when tasks are given to her. I want her to do and accept tasks with much grace and diligence.

I began giving her simple tasks when she started walking, the time when I felt she kind of getting what I mean. I started with the simplest ones like asking her to throw dirty diaper in the trash can or put her toy in the bin. By and by, we progressed well. I now ask her to fix and pack all of her toys away, help me fold the laundry, help me get the vegetables I need in the grocery, so on and so forth. And I’m happy to say that she’s doing these without resentment or anger. She slowly understands that it’s a regular part of the family’s routine and she’s part of it. Whenever she sees me cooking or washing the dishes, she would say “When I’m bigger, I can help you with that.” You got that right, kid! You really need to help me when you grow up a bit. Hihihi!

Here are some simple chores that I assigned to her. Some, I don’t really ask her to do. We just want her to somehow “experience” how is it like when you do it. And some, well, siya talaga ang may gusto. Like this:

Mopping with Daddy. Hehe!

Loves to do anything with Daddy

Sweeping the floor is one of the chores I hate the most. I don’t know, it’s easy but I don’t like it. But Lia’s different. She likes sweeping. Maybe because the floor is already clean. *laughs*

Sweep! sweep!

Her i-will-make-the-house-clean face

Lia helps me throw the garbage. She picks up bottles or plastics and other stuff that she can carry. This one, I don’t tell her to do. When she sees me getting our big garbage bag, she will automatically get the bottles that won’t fit in the bag and will say “it’s time to tapon the basuwa.” Haha!

My very cute little helper

Good girl!

Cooking is also one of the fun chores you can ask your kids to help you with.

Lia whipping up Chicken and Macaroni Salad

Homemade bread pizzas!

We also bought a plant so she’ll have something to do in the morning. She waters it every time she wakes up.

Ipad Lipat October 2014 1730

We also ask her some simple tasks when we are out.

Lia paying for her books

And of course, one of her “biggest” chores to date: packing her toys away because there’s a lot! Well, Chi and I really don’t expect her to do it very neatly. We just want her to know the importance of completing an assigned job and we want to emphasize that it is nice to have a clean house and because her toys make our house cluttery, it is her responsible to pack them away and make the house clean again.

Lia in action!

It’s all your toys, afterall! 🙂

Studies show that that those children who do have a set of chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible and independent, and are better able to deal with frustration and delay gratification, all of which contribute to greater success in school and in life. While I know I can just do everything by myself, I don’t want her to grow up neglecting important values that she should learn at home. I want her to feel that she is an important contributor to the family. She’s part of our team. And this will make her feel that she has a stronger connection to us.

Not being taught the skills of everyday living can limit children’s ability to function at age appropriate levels, and we don’t want that to happen to our kids. By expecting children to complete self-care tasks and to help with household chores, we, parents equip our kids with the skills to function independently in the outside world.

We should start them young. Seeing them do things on her own, completing each task provides a different kind of fulfillment because after all, we want them to be prepared and equipped to face the beautiful but sometimes mad world that we live in.

Have a nice week ahead!

Xoxo, Annie















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