Painting with Pompoms

When you have a toddler at home, you need to be really creative on thinking different activities to keep them preoccupied. That’s what I do. I keep on researching and I am always on the look for possible activity that we can do. I was like a real teacher. Hehe! In relation to this, whenever we go out, I always visit some craft shops to buy some art materials. So kailangan, laging may stock. Lol! Few weeks ago, I chanced upon this Divisoria-like stores near Yuyuan Gardens (a very popular tourist spot in Shanghai) where they sell all the things that you need for your DIYs. Bought some things for our future projects. One of the things I bought is this cute and colorful pompom balls that I thought we can use for painting.

The materials that we used are the ones we already have at home. Just papers, finger paints, wooden clips and the pompom balls.

Here are the things that you need.

It’s easy to make the brush. You just need to attach the wooden clips to the pompoms and that’s it! You now have a new paint brush!

It will look like this!

Small kids can do it too. Lia did her own.

Making her own pompom brush!

After clipping them together, you can now start painting. Let your kid’s imagination go wild. Let them have their own style, whatever they want. Just use safe and non-toxic paints and the washable ones so it will be easier for you to remove any possible stains that they may cause. If you have the painting robes to use, better. Lia has that, too but we already forgot to get it. We were so excited to paint! We used Crayola finger paints. We also love the Pebeo brand that we left at home. The colors are more vibrant so you make nicer paintings. 🙂

Pretty colors!

You can actually mix the colors to make more combinations but I will save that lesson for our future projects.


I love these Pompom brushes because it makes beautiful details, like this:


And when they get tired of using brushes, they can always go back to basics – they can use their hands! 🙂


Dirty hands are happy hands. Well, only in this case!


Cute chubby hands doing some art

Of course, we need to put it on display to show it to Lia’s number 1 fan, her Daddy! 🙂


I should have them framed.


The proud artist!

We had so much fun making this project. So the next time your kid feels bored, you can try this, too. Let their imagination play and unleash their creativity. And don’t forget to reward them with a yummy and healthy lunch afterwards. 🙂

This is Adobo flakes, rice, brocolli and carrots. For dessert, she had fresh oranges and strawberries. 🙂

Have fun with arts and crafts with your kids!

Xoxo, Annie



















9 thoughts on “Painting with Pompoms

      • Would love to meet you too! And don’t worry about being a newbie, we all start there! And if it will make you feel any better, for someone who has been blogging for 2 years, I still grope and beg for help from other bloggers from time to time about stuff! Love your site by the way and your photos are really nice, sana lang lakihan mo a little para d sayang 🙂
        I was there for Blogapalooza last month, so mga next year na balik ko dyan, hope to see you then! 🙂


      • Maliit ba pics? Naku di ko pa kasi alam mga technical stuff masyado. Hehe! Point and shoot cam lang nga gamit ko tapos automatic pa yung setting. Haha! I want to attend din sa mga events or workshops. Kaso I am still in Shanghai. Paguwi sana may workshop ulit tapos sabay ako attend sayo. 🙂 Thanks for the nice words. 🙂 ako naman aliw ako sa blog mo kasi ang light lang ng approach. Siguro funny ka talaga in person. Hehe!


      • Medyo lang naman LOL Nasa settings mo yan pag upload, sa may left side ata ng dashboard or you can just drag the corners of the pic sa editor mo. Ako nga phone cam lang LOL:D
        Cge, let’s keep our fingers crossed!
        And nope. Not funny in person. 😀


      • Ahhhh okay! Hahahaha! Sakin kasi pag view ko parang okay lang. Hahaha! Sige, let me know pag punta ka ng Manila. Till May ako magbabakasyon. Sana makaattend kahit isang workshop. PS: ang sarap ng cnt, nakakamiss. Hahahaha


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