Of Being Thankful and Grateful

It’s Thanksgiving today for my family and friends in the US. We are not celebrating that here in China. But come to think of it, we don’t need to have Thanksgiving Day to be thankful for all the best things in our lives. My husband and I were just talking about this the other night, how we should be thankful and grateful for the things that make our lives fantastic!

I know I have so many blessings to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family who are all healthy and happy… For my Mom and Dad who love us unconditionally and raised us so well to become the person that we are today. For my brothers who are there to protect, make me feel good on a bad day and listen to any small chitchat though we are miles apart. For my husband and my baby who are the light of my life and inspire me to be a better person each day. For my grandparents, uncles and aunties and my dear cousins who remind me that I should never ever be afraid of whatever will come along the way because they always have our backs. My in-laws who are always supportive to whatever endeavors that we have. Argh!!! Families are the best! For my best friends, close friends, and friends all over the world (Yes! There’s such a thing!) who always listen, make me laugh and safeguard my secrets. For the strangers we randomly met but touched our lives through their good deeds of just picking up fallen hanky or offering a seat on subway. For the beautiful nature around us which remind us that the world we live in is such a happy place. For the cold, autumn breeze which makes us feel comfortable after a sweaty hot summer. For the kites and balloons and stars in the sky. For the birds and clouds. For the wishes, love and romance. For the modern technology that we have which makes our lives easier. For the abundant resources we have which able us to help in one way or another. For the warm and cozy house. For the strong mind and body which produces milk for Lia and keeps her healthy and smart at the same time. For the warm hugs and sweet kisses and cheerful smiles. For the hopeful dawns and promising dusks. I could just go on and on. Truly, life is wonderful depending on how we see it.

It feels great writing all these things. Really, it’s therapeutic! Only if we all see the beauty of the small things and be grateful, there’s no reason to be lonely and hate the world. Thinking about these make my heart full and inspired to live another day and appreciate life all the more.

More than the roasted turkey, may all the delightful moments of everyday bring us bliss and cheer to enjoy life a wee bit more.

Happy Thanksgiving from my side of the world.


Xoxo, Annie


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