Thrift Christmas Gift Ideas

What better way to spend a happy Christmas? Don’t overspend and don’t get broke hehe! One of the easiest places to go for Christmas shopping that won’t leave a hole in your wallet is my favorite Daiso Japan Home. They have almost everything and the best part is, they are not expensive so you can buy gifts for everybody. I had my Daiso trip last week and as usual, I had a blast! Prices here in Shanghai are all 10RMB, that’s approximately Php70. Not bad, right?

So let’s start shopping, I mean window shopping. Hehe! Made some categories for different kinds of friends or family members so it will be easier for us to pinpoint which is for whom because I know, it’s only a couple of weeks before Christmas so sabay sabay na tayong mag cramming! Hahaha!

For somebody who loves to cook and stays in the kitchen for hours:

Colorful aprons

Cute mugs

These cute canisters are perfect for their herbs and spices collection

Beautify your pantry with these cute jars. Perfect for coffee and creamers

Kitchen Aids. Peelers, cutters and graters!

Fashown pot holders

Kitchen towels

For the craft junkies:

How can we forget about washi tapes?

Origami papers

Craft punchers

Embossers, staplers and punchers

For your kikay officemate:

Cute calculators

Monogrammed pouches

More pouches!

Smaall bags for lunch boxes

For a someone who loves write:

Notepads and ticklers

Floral journals

Smaller journals for travels and quick thoughts

For kids and kids at heart:

Drawing pads


These pretty stickers are Japan made!

For your narcissist friend:


For your OC friend who loves organized things:

Cable Holders

Suede covered hangers. So cute, right?

Cabinet organizers

For a momma like me who loves making cool lunches:

Cute lunch boxes

Popsicle makers

Lunch box liners and sauce containers

More bento making stuff

Funky chopsticks

For friends who loves spa and massages:


More massagers!

Whew! Shopping is fun and tiring at the same time. Just a simple tip: make a list ahead of time before heading to shop. In this way, you’ll be able to get just what you needed and you avoid forgetting something for somebody. Lalo na in Manila, I heard that traffic is really bad. Heck! So what are you guys waiting? Time to shop!

PS: I got really tired looking for bargains so this what I had for dinner:

Crispy chicken rice and mango slush!

Have fun shopping and Advanced Merry Christmas!

Xoxo, Annie



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