One Sweet Day

Great news, great news!!! I was so happy. I cannot think of any words to say. Few weeks ago, my super good friend turned kumare, Jane told me I can join this special group for Mommy Bloggers. I immediately checked their website and read how to join. It says there your blog needs to be at least a month old to join. Oh goody! My blog was just 2 weeks old. Since then, I couldn’t wait for my baby to be part of this group. Yesterday, I sent an intent to join. And this morning, I got a reply that I was accepted in the group. Wuhoo!!! I am now a member of Mommy Bloggers Philippines!


Writing is one of my passions. I was then the Managing Editor of our school publication back in high school. But I stopped writing when I went to UST to study HRM. And for sometime, I totally forgot about it especially when I landed a job as a Barista and later on, a banker – when my life was occupied with many busy things around me. But as they say, first love never dies. I finally got back into writing now that I am a mom to a little girl… Now that I found my inner peace and somehow, my real purpose in life. My blog is my outlet whenever I felt I needed time to relax and just express my thoughts. It is my way to connect to friends and other moms who in some ways can be of great help to one another through our experiences and daily shenanigans. It is my way to share my life to the world and bounce back some ray of sunlight to the universe.

My inspiration

My loves

I couldn’t contain my happiness to be part of Mommy Bloggers Philippines because of the many friends I will soon meet and many happy memories to build once more through this blog. Check out the new badge on my blog. I am sooo kilig!


I am so thrilled and ecstatic to share with you this wonderful thing, my blog’s first ever milestone. Thank you to my friends and everybody who read my humble blog. I hope in the days to come, I will be able to share more sunshine beams to you – for a more “Automatically Sunshine” life.

With much love and appreciation, Annie



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