Christmas Tree Popsies

Hello!!! How are your Christmas preps going? I am a bit busy these days but good thing I was able to squeeze in an easy Christmas craft with Lia while I am waiting for our Bulalo to boil. Hehe! She has been bugging me to do projects for the past few days but because I really am doing a lot, she had been just playing all by herself. We haven’t found her ultimate BFF here because she barely speaks Mandarin YET! That’s what we want her to learn next para naman the other local kids can relate to her. Very few kasi kids who can speak English din. So, ayun… Must find a good Mandarin teacher for Lia. But before that, let’s get back to crafting.

Here’s what you need:

These are basically just popsicle sticks and some basic craft materials. You can use whatever you like. 🙂 First thing you need to do is make triangle shapes out of the sticks. This may take time to dry so you can make this in advance. Break a small piece of stick and attach it to the triangle so it will look like a Christmas Tree like these: 🙂

Lia is more of a visual kid and I think she doesn’t like much Mathematics. Sigh! So while we do some sticking, she made this:

“Look Mama, I made a letter A”

Lia enjoyed this activity a lot while eating oranges haha! Ang takaw e. And yes, she was wearing her Princess Anna cape. She just can’t get enough of that gown, suot everyday so ang dumi na kaya nagtyaga na lang sa cape. Haha!



That’s orange in her mouth. Hehe!

So after we stick the sticks together, we decorated them.

And… Here are our finish products:

We replaced our paper garlands in the photo wall with these and Lia was really really happy with the result!

What do you think? You can also hang these on your Christmas tree or anywhere in the house. That’s it! I think our Bulalo is ready, time to put the veggies now. Till next time!

Xoxo, Annie



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