Happy 2015!

Finally had a pocket of time to blog while Lia takes a nap. Good thing she slept so she’ll have energy later. Boy, I was really so busy – well the good kind! Reunions with family and friends occupied the times I have been missing in action. There’s really nothing like celebrating holidays in the Philippines. All the chaos, traffic… Well, they are all part of the big picture. Surprisingly, we did not mind, really! All we think of is to meet up family and friends whom we truly missed! Sulit na sulit ang paguwi namin because last year we celebrated Christmas and New Year in Shanghai and nothing compares talaga the fun and warmth of the celebration back home.

This year has been so wonderful for me and our little family. We had our fair share of good travels, we were all healthy, we managed our finances well with no debts, and we were together all year round. And with these, I can not really ask for anything more. I am now in my happiest. My husband’s teasing me nga na we are getting really old because we don’t really aspire for any expensive material things. We don’t really want anything –  well, except for a nice Europe tour. Haha! We just want to save more, be healthy and enjoy the simplest things in life. I guess that’s what truly makes a person happy – when you are satisfied with what you have and be very much contented with that. 🙂

As the year ends, I know that we will be facing new challenges and experience new things. And with all that we have been through for the past years, I am confident that we will be able to surpass everything – hand in hand. So, game face on!

I have no grand year-end blog post because di ba? Who has the time? What’s important is that, we are all warm and happy celebrating with our loved ones and cherish these memories in our hearts. I’ll keep this short and sweet so we can all go back to cooking and last minute preps. Here’s to wishing everyone a splendid and magnificent 2015, from our cute  little family to yours… Happy 2015!!!

With much love,




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