Loving Holidays

I got sick yesterday. My tummy’s been so queasy and I threw up twice. No, no… I am not pregnant. Haha! Masyado naman akong defensive. Actually I don’t know if I just ate too much the past days tapos biglang I stopped eating na ulit kaya nagkaganon. You know, my husband and I prepared for the holidays before we come home. As in nagdiet to the max kami so we can pig out in here. Kasi Papa cooks everything so well. As in di ka makakahindi sa kanin *laughs*. Nabigla yata ako. And also, my husband left na yesterday, na separation anxiety yata ako. Hehe! Actually, dapat used to na ako sa paglipad niya back to Shanghai kasi we have been doing this for 9 years already. But yesterday was exceptional. Nalungkot ako ng slight when he waved good-bye. Siguro kasi we spent so many happy days ngayong Christmas and New Year talaga kasi. One of the happiest Holidays of my life talaga because I get to spend it with my loved-ones.

Let me share with you snippets from our holidays. As I mentioned before, our celebration was not fancy. As in traditional pinoy celebration na get-together lang talaga and kwentuhan. I enjoyed so much. I really enjoyed it to the point I forgot to take pictures of our “handa”! Eh super favorite ko pa naman to take photos of food. Oh well! Ganung levels talaga. Here are some photos to enjoy! I have been looking at these over and over again, I should have them printed. πŸ™‚

Us with my in-laws minus my bro-in-law who is now in Dubai πŸ™‚

The life of the party! πŸ™‚

My baby opening her gifts! πŸ™‚

That’s Papa and Patrick, my brother.

The biggest reunion we’ve had was from my hubby’s side. πŸ™‚

She looks like me talaga!

My high school friends!

Obligatory family pic πŸ™‚


My Mom and Dad


That’s my super good friend, Jane and my inaanak, Jasmine.

Lia can’t get enough of the fireworks!

Oh, memories! We actually went home for these. We want Lia to experience the warmth of having her family around. And we want her to know that more than the gifts, family always comes first. I think that’s the best Christmas gift we can ever give her.

By the way, I am much more better now. My tummy’s still acting up a bit butΒ looking at these… ahhhh! It really makes me smile – and well! πŸ™‚

With much love,




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