Taking It Slow

It’s weird how I was not able to do a lot of things now that I have more time to spare. I am considering the fact that my mind, body (and soul?! *laughs*) are still on holidays. Yeah, super extended na my vacation. Kasi naman, with all the nice stories to read and lots of catching up to do with family and friends, who would want to start working again di ba?

I would wake up each morning telling myself, “I need to do something today!” Lia’s birthday will be two weeks from now. I need to prepare something for the little girl – order her cake, buy materials for some simple DIYs, think of the menu and invite her friends. I also need to prepare for an upcoming family vacation – book a hotel, jot down some nice places to go and what to eat,  and maybe find a nice bikini swim wear for me and Lia. Apart from these, I still have many “tiny” tasks to do. It overwhelms me thinking all those things! I don’t even know where to start!

I went out today with my high school best friend, Ate Meg. It’s a funny story why we called her Ate. Parang it’s a big deal kasi dati for us when somebody is older than you kahit 1 year lang. Tapos she’s tall pa like a model kaya we started calling her Ate back in grade school till now. Anyway, she’s a Doctor but she stopped attending to her ER duties when she got pregnant with her first baby, my future inaanak that I am sooo excited to see na. I could barely see her or even talk to her before because of her heavy schedules. You know in the hospital syempre it’s one hell of a busy place so when you text her, makakasagot na yan the next day or pag free na siya. I am not complaining though. I am proud of what she has become. To say that I am happy to see and be with her today is such an understatement. I can’t believe that she now has the time to just lounge with me, talking about senseless and senseful things and just share some really good laugh together.

On regular days, I just spend my hours playing with Lia. We read, we laugh, we talk, tell stories, we cuddle to cover up for the lost times I have been cooking, cleaning the house, doing so many things, drowning myself on the house chores and neglecting setting her aside. It’s awful that I somehow fail to see her “minor” milestones because of the fast-paced life that we live in.

I was in tears looking at how my little girl can now trace broken lines to write letters of her name without me guiding her. I was so thankful I have the chance to witness this wonderful thing. At this point, Lia can do small things that really make me happy and sad all at the same time. She can fold a small towel, peel a hard boiled egg, do a lot of reasoning and just simply make us all laugh. While all the tasks are starting to pile up, it brightens up my day seeing all these special things around me. And it tells me that doing less isn’t really that bad.

I am so proud of you, kid!

You know, it feels so refreshing to just take things slow, be easy on ourselves and focus on what really matters. Taking it slow, each day at a time, gives us much time to find bliss. It gives us more time to rekindle an old friendship, to watch your kid grow, to look at the clouds, hear the ticking clock, to hug and be hugged back and just sip a nice warm tea on a chilly night.

From Eric Carle’s “Slowly, slowly, slowly.” Said the Sloth book

Moreover, while YOLO-ing is sometimes good, life has to go on, continue living and make things happen. I know I have to get up and get back on track. Holidays are officially over and really, some good things never last. 🙂





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