Lia turns Terrific Three

Hooray! Yes, I am still alive and very much kickin’. You know what’s making me MIA lately? All these “adult things” – settling our past monthly dues, Realty Tax payment, student permit application, bank transactions, and some small business negotiation. Wow, I feel so old and matured. Hehe! Alam mo yung feeling na ang dami mong drafts sa phone mo sa dami ng thoughts mo? Pero I don’t have that much time to just sit down and blog. Plus parang if you are tired from all these thinking and working things out, nakakatamad talagang magsulat. Hehe! But… something came up yesterday na I got super tuwa (as in super hyper ventilate levels) kaya I instantly got my blogging mojo back. Pero sorry ha, I can’t tell that to you. I have to keep it to myself and of course some friends who know it, too. Hihihi!

Anyway, ayun lang naman. Napakwento ng slight but actually I will tell you about Lia’s 3rd birthday that was held in our humble home. My husband and I were not really fond of big parties. Our closest friends knew na we want lang talaga intimate gatherings. Small enough na parang lahat ng bisita makakausap mo, makakakwentuhan. Di ba that’s way way better than parang bonggang party tapos you aren’t sure na who went to your party kasi it’s super big? And of course, practicality-wise, we want to get the most value out of our money di ba? Insert hashtag wais na misis here. Hehe!

I actually planned the party 1 week before. Cramming galore. Hehe! But I was happy I managed to do a little bit of DIY for my little girl. Pero simple stuff lang naman. I just want kasi na parang may personal touch yung party and hey who wants to buy everything for a party di ba? If we can do it, why buy it? πŸ™‚ So merely, I just made all the decorations and I was happy how it turned out. Super fun! So lemme show them to you…

This one, I tried lang magpaka Martha Stewart. I really really like paper pompoms and I have been stalking many birthday parties in Pinterest and loving these paper pompoms because it’s really dainty and girly, parang ako. Charot! Hehe! Instructions are actually from YouTube. Ang dami dun. And the materials are very basic. Some tissue paper that you can get at National Bookstore, thin wire (I don’t know how it’s called) pero you use it to bind the tissue paper together and ribbons to hang them. That’s it then it will look like this:

Paper Pompoms, made with love πŸ™‚

I forgot to take a picture pero I hanged them near the kitchen where Lia’s friends will get their food. Next is Lia’s birthday banner. Super easy lang, made from colored Origami papers. πŸ™‚ The Polaroid pictures are from the day itself. I put them near the banner so the guests will see it na. πŸ™‚

Lia’s birthday banner

Next, the loot bags. I just stamped the names of Lia’s friends in each bag that I got from Regina’s in Greenhills. Kasi di ba don’t you feel special whenever you go to a party tapos may personalized something for you? I love those stuff every time.


Balloons, I got from Celebrations Party Central in Megamall. We inflated them at home and they are much more cheaper and prettier than the usual ones na na-o-order outside. I put them in the ceiling, maiba lang. Hehe!

Pretty polka dots balloons

The utensils we used are disposable (sorry Mother Earth!). These I got also from Regina’s. The wooden spoon and forks are my favorites because I find it cute and unique. I put washi tapes on the handles para lang it will look more attractive. I forgot to take a closer picture but you can see that here. Spoons and forks are from Unimart in Greenhills but I also spotted some in SM Hypermarket, just in case you find them cute, too. πŸ™‚


Love the colors in here πŸ™‚ Thank you, Khai for the pic.

Lastly, the birthday buntings or “bandiritas” as what we call here in the Philippines. I put some in the dessert buffet kaso it’s kinda “fail” kasi I used colored paper na isang side lang yung colored so kapag nililipad, parang di napansin. Check it out here:

Lia with her pretty Ninang Achi. πŸ™‚

Then the other one I put in the kitchen para lang may accent. Can you see it? Fiesta lang ang peg. Hehe! Made that from old stock of Origami papers. πŸ™‚

Thanks for coming guys! πŸ™‚

So there goes all the small DIYs that I made. I did not prepare any program for the party. Purely play and bonding lang talaga. I wasn’t able to cook as well para medyo relaxed na lang for us. Medyo hassle kasi to cook pag may party di ba? Pero I kinda felt bad kasi parang mas special kung ako nagprepare ng food. Siguro next year na lang. πŸ™‚ The food, we ordered lang from Shakeys and Greenwich. Check out some photos pa from the party:

Pizza, Pasta and More

Lia πŸ™‚

That’s Lia and friends

My high school friends and kids. Grabe, 2 generations na!


Thanks for coming guys!

Kids with my mom

That’s me and my baby πŸ™‚

We sang 2x for Lia because I know how she loved this thing:

“Is it my birthday yet?”

Happy Birthday, Love!

One more time. This time with party poppers! πŸ™‚


And what to do with all the confetti?! You swim on them… LOL

Oh to be young and free!

So the kids just played…

Fun with PlayDoh

My super “game” brother. Pinaglaruan ng kids! Hehe

While us, what do you think? Of course, we take lots of groupies! πŸ˜€



My high school buddies!

Whew! What a long blog post! Overall, it was tiring but really fun. Was thinking of doing it again for her future birthdays… Let’s see! I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of Lia’s birthday. Yup, it’s a 2-part blog post for her. Part 2 is all about the first ever dessert buffet that I made just for her. So watch out for it. πŸ™‚

Again, Happy Birthday Anak! Sayang, Daddy’s not here but don’t worry, we’ll celebrate again soon… in the beach! Yay! So that’s it for now. See you next blog post!



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