Zaha and Me love: Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist

Hello everybody! How I missed writing and making tambay in my blog. You know what I will say naman e, I have been busy. Yes, with lots of things. 🙂 But today, due to insistent public demand (naks!) I will be sharing with you my thoughts about my uber and latest favorite: Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist.

I have always had my hair straightened back in the days (baaaack in the days talaga? Hahaha!). I tried everything from the old school hair straightening to milk rebonding to keratin treatments. But my hair, having the natural curls always go back to its original state. I got tired of having it straightened because I felt that my hair is being kawawa already. Parang super bruised and abused lalo I am a bit lazy to go to salon for monthly treatment. So I told myself, I should love my hair as it is and just embrace the natural curls tutal it’s the in thing naman nowadays, don’t you think? 🙂

That’s when I got very keen on reading about how to achieve that beach ready hair. Read many things about it and got myself some products that, well, worked pero did not achieve the look that I want. Untiiiiil… I learned about this Sea Spray Hair Mist from Lush.

I first saw it in MOA one day I went there. It was the only piece left but I wanted to try it first sana but they don’t have tester. Nagisip ako. Hmmm.. It’s not cheap at Php795. I told myself, I have to try it first or at least read some more reviews pa. Then I let it pass muna. Went home and read more about it and I was convinced by the good reviews I learned. Went to Trinoma to get one pero, grabe destiny’s playing on me. Out of stock! Aray! So I asked when they will have it again, they don’t know. Kamote! Two weeks after, I went back and… Bingo!

Here it is!

After buying it, opened it right away and tried it. I. Fell. In. Love!!! It smells like the fresh sea breeze and it’s sooo divine. My husband and I even went bar hopping and surprisingly, my hair didn’t smell cigarette smoke. So I told myself, I have to road-test it more. Where else? But in the beach!

I have my hair braided overnight and when I woke up, spritz on some mist, scrunched them a bit and here’s how my hair looked like:

It would be nicer siguro if my hair is longer.

Hanep sa emote e. Candid yan! Hehe! 🙂

I lurve it!!!!

So the story doesn’t end there. As much as I wanted to make rampa with my hair like that, talo talo muna syempre, we are in the beach no?! Kaya let’s just enjoy the sea and the sun.

With my baby 🙂

So sige na nga, rumampa ako a bit. Thanks to my super supportive hubby na super game to take my pics. Hehe!

Had fun in the beach for like 4 hours? Yes, ganung level. Ayaw namin umahon. We just had to ate lunch kaya napaahon ko yung dalawa. Hehe! And guess what? My hair still looked good, well at least for me – despite the salty water and sand that got in my hair, parang ang beach-ready pa rin nya. Have a look:

Di ba? Kasi good thing this hair mist has a light hair gel to hold your hair style, give volume, boost and add that oomph to your curls. I also love how it tames my buhaghag and unruly hair and achieve that been-at-the-beach-all-day-look.

Okay, this is what I usually do. After taking a shower, dry your hair a bit. Braid your damp hair and let it stay for a couple of hours. After this, spray this on your hair, scrunch all sides, style your hair and that’s it! Enjoy your curly curly hair. Perfect this summer!

Please note that my hair has natural curls already and this post is not paid.

So did I say that I love it? Hehehe!

What do you guys think?

Xoxo, Annie




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