Stamping with Pretty Bok Choi Butts

Don’t you feel Christmas is just so near? OMG, one month to go! Have you been doing your shopping already? I get so excited every time just about thinking about Christmas because it’s actually our first time to spend it altogether in the Philippines, with all our loved ones and friends. And because Christmas season […]

Some Notes on Steaming

Steaming is one of my favorite methods of cooking. Not only it’s easy because you don’t need a whole lot of specialty equipment to do it but it’s healthier, too. Steaming preserves the vitamins, minerals and all the antioxidant components of the vegetables which ensures that they get into your body and do what they […]

The Benefits of Giving Simple Chores to Kids

Hello Friends! How are you? Grabe I missed blogging, it’s true pala what they say. This can be very addicting especially when you’re madaldal like me. Hehe! I have been busy at home. Yes, even stay-at-home moms can be very busy. Weekends, we are almost out. You know, family day! We had hotpot last sunday. […]

My Current Beauty Empties (Nov 2014)

Ni Hao from Shanghai! How’s your weekend so far? Been doing some spring cleaning and found some empty bottles in our dresser. Thought of gathering them together so I can show them to you.  Because they hit the pan, I say that I love them and I have been using them all the time. I don’t […]

Mineral-Rich Bone Soup

I have been making this bone soup for quite sometime now.  Because the weather’s been so chilly, Chi and Lia always want to have soup! Whenever I’m making one, I don’t use readily available meat cubes or the ones in tetra packs in the market. I always want to make my own. And after reading so […]